Hello Mother

Online mother’s circle

This inter-generational circle is open to all, at any stage of the motherhood journey. Over six weeks, you’ll come to reconnect with your sense of self, your body and your power.

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This is for you if:

  • You long for the connection and support of close-knit, multi-generational community.
  • You know deep down that a thriving mother is able to offer more to her children, families and beyond. This means putting yourself first sometimes.
  • You’ve begun to give yourself permission to examine and meet your needs and fulfil your desires.
  • You’re seeking connection and value the wisdom shared by different generations.
  • You aspire to parent with consciousness and intention, yet often feel overwhelmed by the unrealistic standards this seems to require of you.
  • You seek a safe place to be heard.

What to expect:

  • Weekly circles, with a mix of mental, emotional and physical exercises.
  • Readings and prompts to do before circle time.
  • The opportunity to feel supported, heard, empowered, stretched and seen.
  • A community of fellow mothers and mothers-to-be.

Potential topics: the stories we tell ourselves; decolonising pregnancy, miscarriage, birth and menopause; releasing shame; honouring embodiment; living in pleasure

Julia Stepowska
Storyteller, breathwork facilitator and mother.

My own experience circling with other mothers profoundly changed me and now I want to share the enriching experience with you.

I believe you are just as worthy as me to be held, heard and celebrated. I believe you will benefit just as much as I have when you reconnect with your breath, body and soul. I believe that when a mother thrives, everyone around her thrives.

We are role models to the future custodians of this planet and we do have the power to make significant change. And I’m here to hold you in this journey back to your power.

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